Dr.Yogita Shukla

23 years, Natural Resource Management Energy Management, Rural and Urban Development, Remote Sensing and GIS

An interdisciplinary professional with a core passion for scientific research and technology evangelism. She has diverse experience of over 23 years in Environment Science as well as Geospatial Information Science with a focus on Climate Change, Natural Resource Management Energy Management, Rural, and Urban Development. With aspirations to contribute to unraveling earth system dynamics vis-à-vis human systems particularly about climate change, adaptation and mitigation, natural resource conservation, land use, and land cover changes and urbanization, she is now working towards building bridges and connecting the dots between science, technology, and its uptake by the communities. 

Strengths:  Out of box thinking

Visualizations: Seeing the big picture at the same time getting into granularities

Meticulous: Focused

Solution-focused: Stubborn to achieve the set goals



    PhD in Space Sciences

Educational Qualification

Technical / Management /
Specialised degree
Institution Branch / Program CGPA / Scores /
PhD in Space Sciences Indian Institute of Remote Sensing as research centre of University of Pune Space Sciences (Remote Sensing) NA 2009
Master’s in Environmental Sciences Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Environmental Sciences 70.33% 1998
BSc in Biology Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Botany, Zoology and Chemistry 64% 1996

Domain Expertise

Core Competency

Geospatial Information and Environmental Sciences

Complimentary Competency

Natural Resource Management, Urban Development, Rural Development

Professional Certifications


  1. Certificate in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing from IIRS with distinction
  2. Life Member of Indian Society of Remote Sensing

Unique Expertise

  1. Training and Capacity Building.
  2. Policy and Framework Documents.
  3. Advisory and Advocacy
  4. Geospatial Technology Solutions Development - Concept Papers, Framework Documents, and Action Plans

Consultancy/Execution Area

  1. Geospatial Information Sciences for Forestry, Watershed, Utilities, Urban Development, Smart Cities, Rural Development Sectors – Policy and Framework Documents, Customised Trainings, Workshops and Conferences, Technology Solutions Development
  2. With respect to TechConPro: Technology Education; Disruptive Technologies:Research and Development; Homeland Security,

Professional Experience

Proficiency in Software/ product/ tools

RS/GIS - ERDAS-Imagine, ENVI (IDL), MapInfo, PCI Geomatica, ArcView, ArcGIS, SPLAM, BioCAP eCognition, IDRISI, Geomedia
Spatial models - ERDAS and ArcGIS
Document - MS Office 2010
Statistical - SPSS, SAS
OS - Windows 10

Domain Experience
(Total years / Details - last 5 years)
Key Areas of Expertise Contribution/ Role Remarks

Geospatial Information

5 years – Founded Wo-Men Geospatial Coterie (WGC) a not for profit trust in 2017 and AddGEO Foundation a not-for-profit organisation in 2021 for knowledge advisory, training, and capacity building; Worked with Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) as Director-Research; Worked with few GIS Companies as their Knowledge and Business Advisor

Remote Sensing, GIS, Photogrammetry, Climate and Vegetation Science, Policy Advocacy, Knowledge Advisory, Government Liaison

WGC – Member of BSI Standards Committee on Geospatial for Smart Cities; Conceptualised and developed 4 geospatial framework documents for MoHUA for their Smart Cities Mission; Contributed to Report by NSCS. Imparted trainings to ULBs and Corporate; Conceptualised and developed training curriculum for ULB and Corporate Trainings. AGI - Written and Published 6 Policy Papers, Technical Reports, Approach papers for applications of geospatial technologies for Government Departments.; Member of NITI Aayog Advisory group on creating a Framework for Integrated Data Management for Urban Habitations, 2016.; Member of National Spatial Data Infrastructure Initiatives on Developing Geospatial Standards for Forest and Soil Mapping 2016; Member of Neeranchal Planning and Design – A World Bank Project on Watershed Management in India, 2012.

360-degree working experience with research, industry, academia, community organisations and government. The parallel career tracks as environmental and climate science researcher, geospatial technology evangelist, academician, and policy advocate all at the same time has provided the working experience of multiple and diverse segments which is very unique, and aptly positioned to handle senior management position in a highly interlinked and multidisciplinary sectors

Climate, Vegetation and Environment Sciences

Project Management Consultant to Tripura JICA Forestry Project; Founded Re-invigorating Science for Himalayas (RiSHi) - Science research in high altitude Himalayas

  1. Advising and assisting the JICA project in developing Forestry Geospatial Applications and Solutions. Impart Training on Forest Mapping; Forest Indices; Biodiversity Mapping; Forest Monitoring 
  2. Science Research in high altitude Himalayas. Conducted Spatial Analysis of 40 years vegetation change dynamics and snow cover dynamics; Member of NASA SARI initiative.
Domain Experience Areas of Expertise Contribution/ Role

Rural Development

Microplanning; Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)

Prepared Model Microplans for 2 districts in Haryana under Haryana Community Forestry Programme

Urban Development


Master Planning

Geospatial Framework for GIS Based Master Planning

Natural Resource Management


Watershed Management

Papers published Open-source/other technical contribution Conferance Keynote address/panelist Links of online appearance




  1. Invited Speaker and Panellist at 6TH GLOBAL ECONOMIC SUMMIT 2017, 27-29 March 2017, Mumbai (India).
  2. Invited Speaker at National Symposium on Recent Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS with Special Emphasis on Mountain Ecosystems & Annual Conventions of Indian Society of Remote Sensing & Indian Society of Geomatics, December 7 - 9, 2016, Dehradun (India).
  3. Invited Speaker at UK-India Joint Network on Sustainable Cities, Workshop on Mumbai Urban Observatory, December 5-6, 2016, Mumbai (India).
  4. Invited Member of NASA LCLUC SARI Meetings for Monitoring and Assessment of Land Cover and Land Use Changes in the region. Presented research findings at Yangon meeting 2016 and Chiang Mai meeting 2017.