Dr.Ranjeet Kr. Singh

Managing Director, SIFS India Pvt Ltd

15 years, Forensics & Cyber Forensics Expert, Trainer, Forensic Investigator, Biometric expertise, Expert Testimony

  1. Expertise in Cyber Forensic Training.
  2. Industry experience for 15 years.
  3. The capability of providing interdisciplinary forensic science solutions.
  4. Providing Solutions about innovative preventive Cyber Forensics.
  5. Capability to create cyber forensic/ biometric research, testing, and training infrastructure.  




Educational Qualification

Technical / Management /
Specialised degree
Institution Branch / Program CGPA / Scores /
Phd Delhi University Anthropology 1st Division 2014
M.Sc Delhi University Anthropology 1st Division 2008
Master of Law NLU Jodhpur Law 1st Division 2009

Domain Expertise

Core Competency
Cyber Forensics
Complimentary Competency
Handwriting and Fingerprint

Professional Certifications

CEH, CHFI, Certification in Homeland Security (US) Biodata

Unique Expertise

  1. The public presence of TechConPro with my creative and critical thinking apart from Forensic and Legal expertise.
  2. Training to corporate of Corporate Data Breach Investigation.
  3. Providing expertise to solve cases beyond the described work.

Consultancy/Execution Area

Cyber Forensic - Mobile Data Extraction and Analysis, Audio and Video Authenticity, Data Recovery, Email Tracing and Email Tracking, IP Details Tracing, Expert Testimony, Cross-Examination of experts on various topics of Forensic Science,Document Examination- Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds, and Forgery Detection

Professional Experience

Proficiency in Software/ product/ tools

Encase, FTK, Cellebrite UFED MobiKin, MobilEdit, Oxygen Forensic and Many more

Domain Experience
(Total years / Details - last 5 years)
Key Areas of Expertise Contribution/ Role
Cyber forensic investigation Assisted in Many Big Corporate and Law Enforcement Agency in Procuring Evidences which is useful for Admissible in Court of Law. Submitted more than 500 Reports 15 years of experience

Mobile Data Extraction, Data BreachSpeaker Identification Audio and Video Verification

Cyber forensics training Basic of Cyber Forensic maintaining chain custody for digital evidance Filing Complain for acquiring data and information. Securing of Digital Evidence, Limitations of Digital Evidence, Mobile Forensic, Audio, Video Forensics Training imparted to more than 2000 Students, 10000+ Police official 500+ Corporate

Proficiency in Software/ product/ tools

Videospectral Comparator (Vsc-4), Electro Static Detection Apparatus (ESDA), Miscope, Rofin's Poliray, Ring Light illuminators, Spherometer, Grids Andrulers

Domain Experience Areas of Expertise Contribution/ Role
Biometric Dispute Resolution Disaster Victim Identification Fingerprint Development and Fingerprint Enhancement

Given Expert opinion on more than 100 Cases. Delivered workshop of DVI in 5 Countries.

Document Examination Cheque, Will, Property Document, Agreement examination Signature Examination Questioned Document Examination Submitted many report and delivered lectures.
Papers published Open-source/other technical contribution Conferance Keynote address/panelist Links of online appearance
Many National and International Publications 100+ Many attended and conducted 50+ Contribution