About Homeland Security

The attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 has been by far the single most important event in the history of modern world, as it forced the world to change its perception on the nature of organization, the use of technology, the responses, the consolidation of activities and spread of mechanisms needed to thwart the scourge of terrorism the world over. Homeland security has been the anti-terror mechanism of the US since 2002. Creation of the Department of Homeland Security was the biggest administrative integration exercise ever to cover over 20 depts and agencies.Given its commendable success, Homeland Security today stands out as the philosophy and blueprint of the present and future of policing, globally. Anti-terror mechanisms cover a large portion of policing / internal security operations as its backward linkages. Homeland Security vertical of TechConPro aims to tackle these challenges.

What TechConPro has to Offer

With more than 3 decades of Founders experience in internal security in India and world hotspots of Kosovo and Sudan and also being a hardcore practitioner of technology with indepth understanding of data, Homeland Security solutions come naturally to him. In 2010 he postulated the Technological Framework for Safe and Secure Cities in India at a FICCI Conference on Homeland Security with Command & Control Centres, Interception Systems, City Based Video Surveillance Systems, Geospatial Technology, TETRA Radio Network and Integrated Databases as its main pillars. India and most parts of the world are struggling to create robust, functional and upgradable solutions for the fast changing security scenario.

With verticals of Cyber Security, bouquet of disruptive technologies and research & development, TechConPro has immense capabilities from airport security, integration of databases, video analytics to data enabled intelligence. Private sector technologists having decades of expertise in delivering internal security and defence related projects are onboard TechConPro. Given the nature of Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and its impact, Industrial Control Systems mainly SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) is one of our main focus areas. Data in silos has been a big challenge, within organisations and across organisations, which we intend to solve it with a blend of domain and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence interventions. TechConPro can handle complete Homeland Security tech documentation of global standards.