PERANDOOR ROAD, ELAMAKKARA, Ernakulam, Kerala, 682026


Joseph Kodiyil

20 years, Cyber Security Consultant, Trainer, Cyber Crime investigation, Information discovery, Open-source intelligence, Computer assisted legal services, Customised forensic tools, Web Network and System Authorisation Validation and Intelligence

Open source and system intelligence expert
  1. Information Security Management - reviewing and designing IT Security Policies & Procedures.
  2. Widely recognized for his ability to uncover flaws in information systems.
  3. Specialist in Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test, Risk Assessments on servers, Routers and Network Components.
  4. Previously, consultant/technical adviser to Cyber Crime Police Station, CID, Bengaluru, Kochi Police.
  5. Instrumental in setting up the World’s first exclusive Cyber Crime Police Station and has trained their personal in various aspects of Cyber Crime.
  6. Technical expert on Cyber Crime, investigation, and prosecution.
  7. Rich experience in Operating Systems, Anti-Virus, Network, and Data Security. 
  8. Was responsible for security for over 10,000 Plus  internet domains. Presently consult with ISP and Hosting Providers.
  9. 20+ years of experience. 

    PERANDOOR ROAD, ELAMAKKARA, Ernakulam, Kerala, 682026


Domain Expertise

Core Competency

Information discovery, Cyber Crime investigation, Open-source intelligence, Computer-assisted legal services Customised forensic tools, Web network, and system authorization validation, and intelligence

Unique Expertise

  1. Cyber Security Consultant - Open-Source Information discovery
  2. Cracking the connection between data and legal requirements for a case
  3. Information Discovery from Cyber Forensics to business requirements.Eg: Backend information for mergers and acquisition.

Consultancy/Execution Area

  1. Information discovery
  2. Open-Source Intelligence
  3. Computer-assisted legal services
  4. Customized forensic tools

Professional Experience

Proficiency in Software/ product/ tools

Python, C#, GO, work on many proprietary tools

Domain Experience
(Total years / Details - last 5 years)
Key Areas of Expertise Use Cases
Computer Assisted legal service 10+ years
  1. OCR in absence of digital copies.
  2. Tools based analysis of files, file systems, logs, email boxes, chats, social media, corporate mismanagement and  violation of SOP, Software piracy, Information security and data theft.
Interface for investigators to examine key data.
Information Discovery 10+ years
  1. Business Intelligence.
  2. Mergers and acquisition inquiry.
  3. Document’s correlation and Anomaly detection.
  4. Law/ corporate/ information agencies, business investigation/ business intelligence gathering.
Corporate due diligence, Takeover, Intelligence
System administration and secure hosting 10+ years
  1. Website authorisation and authentication
  2. Website anomaly detection
  3. Secure web hosting
Securely host Vulnerable / Prominent website while fixes and patches were developed.
Cyber Crime investigation 10+ years
  1. Using customised tools and innovative processes.
  2. Complex criminal investigation, technical assistance in Anti- fraud and organised crimes.
Custom tools for latest apps
Forensic tools 10+ years
  1. Customised forensic tools.
  2. Proprietary tools, API integration, added features,
Custom Tools tailored to find information
First instance lead generation 5+ years
  1. Lead generation for banks, data mining, 
First instance lead generation
Keynote address/panelist

Speaker – COCOON

Moderator- COCOON